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    The Trump economic program is the tried and true Republican program of cutting taxes and investing in infrastructure to stimulate the economy. Unfortunately, it would collapse the US and world economy. In order to avoid that, the absolutely first priority of the Trump administration is to balance the budget and decrease the trade deficit in order to reassure the financial market. [Read More]

    Medical Information

    The information provided is for general informational purposes only and is not intended to be medical advice or
    a substitute for professional health care. You should consult an appropriate health care professional for your specific
    needs and to determine whether making a lifestyle change or decision based on this information is appropriate for you.

    Fritz Revised Budwig Cancer Diet

    Toothaches, Strokes, and Traumatic Brain Injury

    The following references support the contention that cancer is a metabolic disorder:

    Robb Wolf, “The Origin of Cancer.”
    Clifton Leaf, “Why We are Losing the War on Cancer.”
    Dr. Thomas N. Seyfried PhD, “Cancer as a Metabolic Disease.”
    Dr. Seyfried is professor of biology at Boston College and developed the Ketogenic cancer diet. Clifton Leaf is a billionaire cancer survivor that donates large sums of money for cancer research and treatment.

    Supplement Program to Improve Immune System and Repair Cellular Damage – Part I

    I am not a doctor, so I do not give medical advice; I am a journalist, so I can discuss things of interest. If anyone has a lump in their breast or is passing blood or has some unexplained pain, they should immediately see a health professional.

    About nine years ago my 69-year-old brother-in-law went in for his yearly physical; in one spot the lymph glands in his abdominal area were enlarged. The clinic did a hollow needle biopsy and determined he had an indolent follicular lymphoma but only a 10% chance it would require treatment. Since a few years before he had prostate cancer surgery, he researched alternative treatments and combined several immune system protocols. In one year that lymph gland had returned to normal size. Recently, David went to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. where they did an MRI and found no cancer, only a little scar tissue. Over the last nine years six cases of cancer have gone into remission using variations of this protocol. Three of the cancers were stage 4 and conventional medicine had given up on them. Each person who has used the protocol has made changes to suit their own situation.

    A 78-year-old retired nurse with stage-4 liver cancer and three cancer lesions on her liver is using the protocol. The cancer was too far advanced for conventional treatment, so she tried the protocol. In three months, she went back to the Seattle hospital; the cancerous lesions had decreased by 50%. In seven months, she went back to the hospital and they performed another Cat Scan. They said she still had a little cancer, but it shouldn't cause any problem; she should come back in a year unless she developed symptoms. I decided that the protocol worked and I should put it on the internet for anyone to use. All the protocol does is supply nutrition on a cellular level so that the body can make repairs and start functioning normally. You must make changes in your diet and lifestyle. I recommend the book Fear Cancer No More for diet and life style changes. You must read all the material and become an expert on cancer. Everyone I know who told me, “ I really trust my oncologist," who had stage-4 cancer, died. I don't believe anyone should die from cancer. Conventional and alternative treatments can be added to the nutritional base if needed. I know of two people in Jefferson County that are keeping stage-4 prostate cancer in control by diet and eating 25 bitter almonds each day for the laetrile.

    1) Take one ounce of flaxseed oil with three heaping tablespoons of 2% cottage cheese twice a day. Add one rounded teaspoon of lecithin for each tablespoon of flaxseed oil and mix will. The Budwig Cancer Diet recommends two tablespoons of flaxseed oil twice a day. I tried it and it acted like a laxative but one tablespoon twice a day was tolerated. If you can, increase the flaxseed oil to four tablespoons per day, but we've had good results with two tablespoons per day. Use only cold pressed refrigerated flaxseed oil and buy it locally to ensure quality. Rancid oil will do you no good. The lecithin and 2% cottage cheese emulsify the flaxseed oil and make it water soluble, so it can be used by the body. The sulfur and proteins in the flaxseed oil combine to make a water soluble emulsion that the body can use to repair the outer cell membrane.

    The body needs Linolenic fatty acid for cell repair and cell division. These are omega-3 essential fatty acids, meaning that the body must get them from the food we eat. Fortunately cold pressed flax seed oil is 70% essential fatty acids. The body also needs DHA and EPA . The body manufactures them but in an insufficient amount. Take a couple of teaspoons, or eight or nine grams, of fish oil each day to get the EPA and DHA you need. Salmon oil, krill oil, and various types of fish oil from Norway would do the job. They all work. Make sure they're not rancid, buy from a health food store instead of the cheapest thing you can buy at WalMart. There is a lot of information on the internet on the Budwig Cancer Diet that explains why the essential fatty acids are so important. Every cell in you body uses them.

    2) Take one ounce of Vibe, a liquid nutritional supplement, made by Eniva, twice a day. Eniva says that one ounce per day is for normal health maintenance and you can use up to three ounces per day. Vibe provides nutrition at the cellular level and is very important. Take the Vibe with a glass of water or fruit juice and start out with one ounce the first day and build up gradually. One ounce is equal to two tablespoons. You can Google Port Townsend Think Tank for more information on the protocol. You can order Vibe through Eniva. Get the original Vibe.

    3) Take one ounce of Georges Aloe Vera extract twice a day. It is available in The Uptown Nutrition in Port Townsend, Washington or almost any health store.

    4) Buy a bottle of dark Willard Water concentrate. Call: 1-800-447-4793 to place an order. Cancer produces energy by a fermentation process. Cancer metabolism is very inefficient and produces lactic acid, which causes the body chemistry to become more acidic. Mix three tablespoons of Willard Water Dark Concentrate in a gallon of water and drink two or three glasses of the mixture each day. At least 36 oz of Willard Water per day. Willard Water will keep the blood pH at 7.35 where it should be, but it also decreases the surface tension of water and allows vitamins and minerals to pass through cell membranes. Bacteria in the soil produce small amounts of organic compounds that are necessary for life. Unfortunately, herbicides, pesticides, and commercial fertilizers kill the bacteria in the soil. The expert is Dr. David Jubb who is a professor in California on micronutrients and you can Google him for more information. Willard Water is important, so don't leave it out of the protocol.

    5) Take ashwagandha and curcumin as directed. Typically ashwagandha comes in 450 mg capsules and curcumin in 850 mg capsules, give or take a little. Both suppress enzymes that cancer needs to reproduce. Nearly every health supplement store, including Uptown Nutrition, carries them, or you can order them through or call: Swanson at 1-800-437-4148.

    6) Vitamins and minerals are important. There are 8 types of vitamin E. The vitamin E usually sold is the alpha variety which has little or no cancer fighting ability. The best variety is the Gamma variety. I've found that Swanson has the best deal. Item SWU329 gives you 750 units of Gamma and 400 units of other types of vitamin E. The cost is $10.99 for a month's supply. It is listed as Gamma Tocopherol. The Swanson phone number is: 800-437-4148. Vitamin A is toxic if you take too much, but if you take beta carotene, your body will convert what it needs to vitamin A safely. Twenty-five thousand units is suggested. Also, eat a lot of carrots and carrot juice. Take 2000 units of vitamin C, 6000 units of vitamin D, 50 mg of Zinc, 200 micrograms (mcg) of selenium each day. Additionally, 400 mg of Co enzyme Q10 and 1000 mg of M.S. M. taken twice a day. Co enzyme Q10 is the enzyme that allows the body to metabolize glucose to produce energy. If you live in a sunny area, try to get 20 or 30 minutes of sunshine a day without sunscreen. Take care to not sunburn, and stay out of the sun if you are taking medication that causes you to sunburn.

    7) Most alternative cancer treatments require diet and lifestyle changes. They also usually recommend that the person take an enzyme that dissolves protein. Cancer builds a protein membrane around cancer cells and hides from the immune system. My brother-in-law took a small can of pineapple juice once a day between meals. The nurse with liver cancer took two or three papaya enzyme tablets at bed time. The body repairs itself from the evening meal to breakfast, so that is a good time to take enzymes. Most cancer clinics in Mexico and Germany use Wobenzyme pancreatic enzymes. Usually they recommend taking a couple between each meal and a couple at bedtime. I think that Corotec enzyme is slightly better than the Wobenzyme. Contact for Carotec is or call 1-800-522-4279.

    Cancer takes protein out of the blood and uses the protein to create a thick membrane around the cancer mass. This hides the cancer from the body's immune system and blood vessels form in the protein membrane to furnish glucose for the cancer mass. Healthy tissue uses an oxidation process to provide energy. Cancer cells use a very inefficient fermentation process that produces lactic acid to produce energy. Cancer is 15 times more efficient than healthy tissue in removing glucose from blood. That is why people waste away when they have cancer. The body is cannibalizing itself to produce nutrients for the body, but the cancer is more efficient than healthy tissue in removing the glucose from the blood. Pancreatic enzymes digest proteins and attack the protein membrane and allow the immune system to identify cancer as a foreign invader. To be effective, enzymes must be taken between meals, so they go into the blood. If protein enzymes are taken at mealtime they react with the food and don't get in the blood where they are needed. The Willard Water keeps the pH of the blood at 7.35. Cancer thrives in an acid environment and most alternative treatments keep the pH on the alkali side.

    If you have cancer it means that your body is malfunctioning. You can either correct the malfunction or you can take radiation and chemo, both highly toxic, that not only kill the cancer but also damage healthy cells. I believe nearly all cancer can be effectively reversed and eliminated but it takes a total commitment. Cook with olive oil. Eat raw or lightly cooked vegetables. Make a smoothy out of fruit and vegetables each morning in a high-speed blender that breaks down cell walls and frees the nutrients and enzymes. Eliminate red meat and carbonated beverages because they make your body acidic. Eliminate sugar and simple carbohydrates because they turn to glucose and that's what cancer feeds on.

    There are two books I highly recommend: “Fear Cancer No More” by Mauris Emeka. You can buy it at the Uptown Nutrition store in Port Townsend,Washington or Google Also “Outsmart Your Cancer” by Tanya Harder Pierce. It can be purchased on the internet. E Mail me at Also, you can order Vibe at Eniva. Get the original Vibe. You can modify the protocol. If you can't digest cottage cheese, increase the lecithin or take an enzyme that will allow you to digest cottage cheese. There is also lactose-free cottage cheese. “Fear Cancer No More” recommends eating 20 to 25 apricot kernels per day for the laetrile. Discuss everything with your healthcare provider. Read everything you can on cancer and understand how it works. Cancer just means that your body is malfunctioning and sending you a message that you need to change. Phase in the protocol over a week or two. If something causes digestive problems, make adjustments. All of the recent studies I have seen have said that antioxidants and nutrition support make chemo and radiation more effective and lessen the harmful effects. Talk to your healthcare provider. There are other effective alternative treatments.

    Read “Outsmart Your Cancer.” In Port Townsend we have several good medical doctors that practice Integrative Medicine. Integrative Medicine is using both conventional and alternative medicine. We also have at least three very good naturopathic doctors. They have gone through medical school and then on to study natural medicine. One naturopath owns the Uptown Nutrition store on Lawrence St and the other two have a clinic called Origins Natural Medicine at 213 Decatur St., phone 360-385-5375. They also sell high quality supplements. There are no miracle cures for cancer and no protocol works on every cancer. That is why you have to read everything you can on conventional and alternative treatments and determine what is best for you. Plan on a slow steady recovery.

    To order Vibe, download Eniva's product page.

    Supplement Program to Improve Immune System and Repair Cellular Damage - Part II

    Cancer in the United States is a 220-billion-dollar business. An estimated 11 billion dollars is spent each year on cancer treatment drugs. Unfortunately, drug companies are not interested in finding a cure that would put them out of business. They are interested in finding a drug they can patent and charge 5,000 to 10,000 dollars per month from desperate people. The Protocol works because it was designed to operate on a cellular level to repair damaged cells and return them to a functioning condition. While most cancer protocols try to kill cancer cells, this Protocol attempts to repair the cellular damage that made cancer possible. I am a journalist, so I am making the information available as a public service. If you have a medical problem, seek advice from a healthcare professional. If you use the protocol, let me know how it worked.

    Budwig Cancer Diet:

    Dr Budwig passed away at the age of 95 in the year 2003. She has two PhD degrees, one in chemistry and the other in physics. She was nominated for the Nobel Prize in medicine seven times. In 1952 she was the German central government's senior expert on fats and edible oils. Dr Budwig determined by her research that highly processed unsaturated fats have lost their ability to combine with proteins and become water soluble. For the cells to function properly they must have electron-rich, highly-unsaturated fats in the outer cell membrane. Without the proper unsaturated fats the electron charge between the cell membrane and the nucleus is disrupted. The cooking oil that you buy in the food store has been stabilized at a high temperature in order for it to have a long shelf life and is essentially dead.

    Dr Budwig further determined that she could repair the outer cell membrane by giving the cancer patient a mixture of flaxseed oil and cottage cheese. The cottage cheese is a rich source of protein and sulfur, which forms an emulsion with the flaxseed oil; it then can be used by the body to repair the outer cell membrane. We also added a rounded teaspoon of lecithin for every tablespoon of flaxseed oil because it is a good emulsifying agent and contains beneficial phosphorus compounds. Dr. Budwig claimed her success rate with treating cancer patients was 90%. A large portion of her patients were terminal and had failed to respond to conventional treatment. The Protocol is an updated version of the Budwig Cancer Protocol. The Willard Water keeps the body pH at the proper level and decreases the surface tension of water and allows nutrients to pass through cell walls more easily. Co-enzyme Q10 is the basic enzyme that allows cells to turn glucose into energy.

    Vibe made by Eniva:

    Vibe, made by Eniva corporation, is a liquid nutritional supplement that comes in a 32-ounce bottle and contains just about every vitamin, mineral, and extract the human body needs. Eniva recommends one ounce per day for normal health maintenance, one ounce equals two tablespoons. Eniva has said that you can use up to three ounces per day of Vibe. I have been using Vibe for a number of years. The ingredients in Vibe have a very small molecular diameter so they can easily pass through the walls of the digestive system into the blood. Because of the small molecular diameter, the ingredients in Vibe are able to furnish nutritional support at the cellular level. The ability of Vibe to function on a cellular level makes Vibe an important ingredient in the protocol. Don't take everything the first day. Phase in the Protocol over a week or so. If you can't digest cottage cheese, get some enzymes at the local health store to digest milk products. You can also buy lactose free cottage cheese. The protocol is flexible so modify it to fit your situation. You need to become an expert on cancer.

    Willard Water:

    Bacteria in the soil produce organic compounds in food that stimulate bacteria in the intestines, decrease surface tension in water, and make it easier for vitamins, minerals, and glucose to pass through the cells outer membrane so they can be used by the cell. The organic compounds also keep the pH of the blood and lymph at 7.35 where it should be. Cancer produces energy by a fermentation process and one of the metabolic products is lactic acid. As a result, the blood gets more and more acidic as the cancer progresses. Most alternative cancer protocols keep the body chemistry alkaline. Unfortunately, commercial fertilizer, herbicides, and pesticides kill the bacteria in the soil, so there is only 5-10 % of bacteria remaining compared to what an organic farm would have. Willard Water is made from lignite coal that was produced by bacteria in an anaerobic environment. The organic compounds produced by the bacteria in the lignite are concentrated and sold as Willard Water.

    About 60 miles south of Portland, Oregon is a 4-foot-thick seam of lignite coal that was made from sea weed. In the spring, a trickle of brown water seeps out from the bottom of the coal seam. The grass along the little stream grows six feet tall. The Indians used the brown water as a tonic and so did the settlers in the area. Dr. Leonard Thompson studied the brown water and realized its significance. He was a member of the National Academy of Science until his death three years ago at the age of 91. He had multiple PhD degrees and a worldwide reputation in several areas of research. He was a good friend and I visited him in Oregon every few months.

    Dr. Willard, who developed Willard Water, was a chemistry professor at the South Dakota School of Mines in Rapid City, S.D. He learned of the research done by Dr. Thompson and found a source of lignite coal suitable for extracting the organic compounds now found in Willard Water. Another source of information on soil micronutrients is Dr. David Jubb. He is a college professor in California and was a speaker at our local Grange and is an expert on micronutrients found in soil. The information I have is from conversations with Dr. Thompson and Dr. Jubb. The main reason that organic vegetables are more nutritious is the high level of bacteria and other organisms in the soil. It is known that organisms in the soil produce micronutrients and that chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides sharply decrease the organisms in the soil and therefore the micronutrients they produce. Willard Water is important and inexpensive. Put 3 tablespoons of Willard Water dark concentrate in a gallon of water and drink at least 36 ounces of the mixture each day. Do not use chlorinated water.

    Ashwagandha and curcumin:

    Both of these organic extracts have anti-inflamitory characteristics and anti-cancer properties. There is a lot of information on the internet, so I am not going to discuss them in detail. The concentration of active ingredients varies, so use as directed on the bottle.

    Co-enzyme Q10:

    Co-enzyme Q10 is the basic enzyme that allows the body to turn glucose into energy. The heart uses 10 times more than the rest of the body for each unit of weight. Because the protocol is attempting to repair damaged cells, Co-enzyme Q10 is important.

    The protocol is designed to repair damaged cells; especially, the outer cell membrane. To beat cancer requires a total commitment as well as life style and eating changes. Do not eat red meat or drink carbonated beverages because they make the body chemistry acidic. Eat raw or lightly cooked vegetables. Each morning make a smoothy with a high-speed blender that breaks the fruit and vegetables down to a cellular level and frees the nutrients and enzymes. To be able to absorb fat soluble vitamins you need a little oil in the smoothy. A little olive oil or flaxseed oil or half an avocado will do. Use fruit and vegetables with a high nutritional density in the smoothy like blueberries, carrots, and spinach. Do not eat sugar or simple carbohydrates because they produce glucose that feeds the cancer. Keep a positive attitude and keep your family and friends informed. When you win your battle with cancer, you will be everyone's hero. Stress, fear, and anger have to be kept under control. Try meditation, prayer, support groups, and yoga, etc. Remember, cancer means that your body is malfunctioning and you have to correct the malfunction.

    Get an oncologist that you can work with or a family doctor or a naturopathic doctor. There are still a few oncologists who believe that unless your hair falls out and you look like the walking dead the chemo isn't working. Recent studies have shown that nutritional support and supplements make chemo and radiation more effective and help rebuild the body's immune system. I can't stress this enough: if you find a lump or have an unexplained pain or are passing blood, see a healthcare professional immediately. I believe in integrative medicine, which is taking the best from conventional and alternative medicines.

    You can modify the protocol to meet you own situation. The Budwig diet recommends 2 tablespoons of cold pressed flaxseed oil in a quarter-cup of cottage cheese twice a day and using a hand held electric mixer to mix it to a creamy texture. If you eat a lot of roughage you can probably tolerate 4 tablespoons of flaxseed oil a day. Vibe can be increased to 4 ounces per day for up to a month. “Fear Cancer no More” recommends eating 20-25 apricot kernels per day for the laetrile. A good probiotic will help keep your digestive system functioning properly. You must take responsibility for your own health.

    Some good references are: “Fear Cancer No More” by Mauris Emeka. You can buy it at the Uptown Nutrition store in Port Townsend, Washington or buy it on line at Another good book and alternative treatment is: “Outsmart Your Cancer” by Tanya Harder Pierce. It can be purchased on line. There is a vast amount of information on the internet and some websites like are good. For Willard Water dark concentrate call 1-800-447-4793. I have found Swanson a low cost mail order company with quality products: or 1-800-437-4148. Carotec is good: or call 1-800-522-4279. Go to Eniva, the company that sells Vibe.

    My E-Mail address is Leave a message on my home phone: 360-385-4876. Buy cold pressed refrigerated flaxseed oil and keep it refrigerated. Buy it locally. I am a journalist, so I can tell you what I know and what other people have done. Ask a healthcare professional for medical advice. We have had good results with the above protocol, but nothing works 100% of the time. Read the two books I recommended and plan on a slow but steady recovery. Good luck. Keep in touch.

    Updating the Supplement Program to Repair Cellular Damage

    The nutritional support program is quite flexible. If you don't like cottage cheese, you can use hemp protein, yogurt, whey protein, or even powdered milk. The important thing to realize is that the cold pressed flax seed oil contains 70% essential oils that the body cannot manufacture and therefore needs to get the essential oils from food. The essential oils combine with proteins and are used to repair damaged cells. The lecithin is important also, it is a good emulsifying agent and contains phosphorus, which is needed by the brain and cell membranes. If you don't like flax seed oil, you can eat some walnuts each day; they're rich in essential oils the body needs. Dr. Budwig in the Budwig cancer diet used low fat cottage cheese and I believe it to be superior to 4% cottage cheese.

    There are good fats and bad fats. The good fats are cold pressed flax seed oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and butter. The bad fats are commercial cooking oil, hydrogenated oils, trans-fats, and oils used in fast food and convenient foods. Every farm boy knows that you need to bait a mouse trap with butter or peanut butter to catch a mouse. The mouse will not eat margarine. Now if a mouse or rat won't eat margarine, it can't have much food value. Commercial fats and oils are stabilized so they won't go rancid and they can sit on a shelf for months with no change. The body needs poly unsaturated fats with a rich cloud of electrons that reacts readily with oxygen and proteins. Each person needs at least two tablespoons of essential oils each day. Essential oils are oils that the body can't manufacture and needs to get from food. These are omega-3 and DHA and EPA. A good source of omega-3 is cold pressed flax seed oil and a source of DHA and EPA is fish oil. The Budwig cancer diet works because the flax seed oils are 70% essential oils and they combine with the proteins and sulfur in the low fat cottage cheese to form a water soluble emulsion that the body can use to repair cell membranes and mitochondria.

    Each cell is a little battery. The outer cell membrane has a negative charge and the mitochondria has a positive charge. Without the essential oils the battery quits working properly and bad things happen. The bad fats are stored in your body as fat because the body can't use them and doesn't know what else to do with the bad fats. Diets fail because the body craves essential oils and amino acids that the body can only get from food. Fast foods and junk food doesn't contain essential oils so the body sends hunger signals to keep eating. Cook with olive oil or coconut oils and eat only good fats and your diet will succeed. Read the books of Dr Daniel Amen on nutrition.

    The Vibe made by Eniva corporation provides nutrition on a cellular level and is very important, as is the Willard Water. Diet is extremely important. Read the book “'Fear Cancer No More” for diet. Raw fruits and raw or lightly-cooked vegetables are best. No red meat, artificial sweeteners, or sodas, they cause the blood and lymph to become acidic. It is very important to eliminate sugar and simple starches because cancer feeds on glucose. To fight any chronic condition you have to make a total commitment and take responsibility for your health. The internet is a good source of information. You need to look up the side effects of any drugs you take. Also Google the name of the drug and lawsuits. Google 'Budwig Cancer Diet'; there's a lot of valuable information on basic nutrition on their site. She makes the claim that cancer and a lot of other diseases are metabolic in nature and in most cases can be corrected. It may seem strange but 70% of your immune system is from your intestines and 30% is from your liver. Try not to eat anything from dinner to breakfast. Night time is when the body repairs damage. Endorphins are produced from 1 to 4 AM in the morning. Each person has about 3 pounds of bacteria in them and the bacteria break down food to release nutrients and produce chemicals the body needs. That's why a good probiotic is helpful.

    The book “Fear Cancer No More” recommends eating 20 to 25 apricot kernels each day because they contain laetrile. You can find apricot kernels on the internet under bitter almonds. I know two people in Jefferson County that are keeping their stage 4 prostate cancer under control using diet and eating 25 apricot kernels each day.

    In Europe over 10 million people take low dose naltrexone for autoimmune diseases and cancer. It boosts the immune system 300%. It absolutely must be taken at night before you go to bed. The L.D. N. home page says that in Europe it has put 60% of the M.S. patients in remission. The point I am making is that there are a lot of options and the protocol is a good nutritional base and other options can be added to it. Read the references that I list and find a healthcare provider you can work with. Remember that oncologists that belong to the American Medical Association can not recommend or even discuss treatments unless they are approved by the A. M.A.

    I recently attended a two-hour discussion by Dr. Sandra Smith-Poling on reversing Alzheimers disease. Basically, she said that even a cognitive deficit of 40 or 50% could be reversed in six months using the proper foods and protocol. The research was done at UCLA in California. It is basically a version of the Budwig Cancer Diet. She said that people should take at least nine grams of fish oil high in DHA and EPA per day in addition to the cold pressed flax seed oil because the human body only converts about 4% of the flax seed oil to EPA and DHA. She also said that there are eight types of vitamin E and the most common is alpha, but only vitamin E with anti-cancer properties is the gamma. Fortunately, all types are sold by Swanson. I recommend the vitamin E with all types of vitamin E.

    Cancer and other conditions take over the body chemistry, so it's important to start slow and over a week or two build up as your tolerance increases. A good place to start is a smoothy with berries, nuts, celery, carrots, spinach and other foods with high density nutrienats. Making a smoothy with a high speed blender to break down cell walls will free the enzymes; the smoothy will deteriorate rapidly because the enzymes will start reacting with the smoothy. The Nutra Bullet and the Ninja are both high-speed blenders that can be purchased for under a hundred dollars. Add some protein powder, a couple of tablespoons of cold pressed flax seed oil, and a rounded teaspoon of lecithin. Drink it within a couple of hours. Continue drinking the smoothy each day, adding more nutrition protocol gradually.

    After starting the protocol to repair cellular damage, the retired nurse with the liver cancer had her first Cat Scan in three months; the cancer spots on her liver had decreased by 50%. Recently, seven months after she started the protocol, she had a second scan; the Seattle Hospital told her to come back in a year. They informed her she still had a little cancer, but they didn't think it would cause a problem.

    Her routine included: dine at 6 p.m., retire at 9 p.m., breakfast at 8 a.m. Just before going to bed, she'd take three or four papaya capsules. The papaya capsules contain enzymes that dissolve proteins. Cancer cells take protein out of the blood and create a membrane around each cancer cell. This hides the cancer cell and allows blood vessels to grow in the protein membrane. It is important to take an enzyme to dissolve proteins. It should be taken between meals or just before you go to bed. If you eat it at mealtime, it gets used up digesting the food instead of reacting with the cancer. Exercise stimulates the immune system and helps prevent depression. Stress should be avoided if possible.

    The most important thing is to take responsibility for your health and make a total commitment to good health. Support groups help and so does prayer and meditation.

    We also need to discuss alternative treatments. If I was told by a Doctor that I had less than a month to live, I would go to and use their cesium chloride protocol. Cesium has almost the same chemical properties as potassium and cancer cells take in both potassium and cesium. The cancer cells can not get rid of the cesium; it builds up and causes the cancer cells to become strongly alkaline. Their Ph can reach as high as 8.4 which causes them to die. The cesium does not affect non-cancerous cells. The potassium level in the patient's blood must be monitored carefully because the protocol can cause a dangerous imbalance. The second problem is that the cesium can kill so many cancer cells that the body can't get rid of the dead cells and a serious medical problem develops. If you use this protocol you need someone from Cancer Tutor to work with you. This is especially important if you have brain cancer.

    I have two friends with prostate cancer who are keeping it in check using diet and eating 25 apricot kernels per day for the laetrile. It can be purchased over the internet under the name bitter almonds. The book Fear Cancer No More discusses diet and using apricot kernels to control cancer. The book Outsmart Your Cancer discusses a number of alternative treatments. If you decide on conventional treatment, the protocol to repair cell damage is especially important. Unfortunately, some doctors believe that if your hair doesn't fall out and you don't look like the walking dead the chemo isn't effective. Low dose naltrexone can be used to boost your immune system 300%. It absolutely must be taken late at night because your body produces endorphins between 1 and 4 AM. It also can not be used if you have taken an opioid pain killer in the last 2 weeks. If you have, it will make you sick as it was originally developed to treat opioid addiction.

    Google low dose naltrexone home page to find out about L.D.N.. There are also mushroom extracts that will boost your immune system; there are several in the Swanson catalog. Taking an enzyme to dissolve the protein membrane around cancer cells is important. Swanson sells papaya enzymes at low cost; that is what the liver cancer patient used. They must be taken between meals and or when you go to bed so they will get in the blood and dissolve the protein membrane around cancer cells. You must become an expert on cancer. Read the books I recommend and go on the internet.

    Warning to people taking blood thinners and anti-clot medication

    If you take a blood thinner, you need to check with your healthcare provider and get your blood checked often. Vitamin E and K2 will thin your blood slightly. All of the enzymes that dissolve proteins will thin the blood slightly. Even fish oil and flax seed oil can affect your blood, so be careful. Check with your healthcare provider and make changes slowly. The protocol should be safe for people not on blood thinners. There are exceptions. If you are allergic to sulfur, don't take the M.S.M., and if you are allergic to iodine, don't take the Vibe, it has a little iodine in it. Do your own research and become an expert. Low-dose naltrexone will boost your immune system 300%, but it can not be used if you are taking an opium-based pain killer. It also must be taken late at night because your endorphins are produced between one and four in the morning. You can not take a cancer alternative treatment called carnavora if you are using hypothermia, heat therapy, because it thins your blood and you could die. There are mushroom extracts that appear safe that boost the immune system. Play it safe and talk to your medical provider or pharmacist if you have questions and make changes slowly. Use the internet to research products. Always check side effects and lawsuits.

    What Causes Cancer?

    It is taught in medical schools that cancer is caused by DNA damage. Actually, cancer is a metabolic dysfunction. The biggest cause of cancer is the lack of essential oils in the US diet. Every cell in your body needs the essential oils lenolenic fatty acid, lenoleic fatty acid, and EPA and DHA. They are needed for the outer cell membrane and cell division. Cancer is actually a survival strategy for when the mitochondria quit producing energy. The cytoplasm can produce energy by fermentation but this is an inefficient process and doesn't require oxygen. Part of the cancer cell's survival strategy is rapid cell division, random mutations, and a protein membrane around the cell to hide it from the immune system. The cancer creates the mutations as part of its survival strategy not the other way around.

    Some very good books to read are:

      How to Prevent and Treat Cancer | by Dr Michael Murray Riverhead Books - 2002
      How to Fight Cancer and Win | by William L. Fischer
      Tripping Over the Truth | by Travis M Christofferson M.S.
      What is the Origin of Cancer | by Robb Wolf - Internet article
      Eat to Beat Cancer | by J. Robert Hatherill, Ph.D.
      Fear Cancer No More | by Mauris Emeka
      Outsmart Your Cancer | by Tanya Harder Pierce
      Cancer as a Metabolic Disease | by Thomas Seyfried, PhD

    I can also recommend the Life Extension Magazine for basic nutrition and excellent products.

    Why No Cure Has Been Found For Cancer

    Cancer is not a disease, it is a survival strategy. The outer cell membrane has a negative charge and the mitochondria has a positive charge. The mitochondria takes oxygen and glucose and produces A.T.P. which is stored and used by the cell for energy. If the mitochondria quits producing energy there is a back-up system. The protoplasm can produce energy by fermenting glucose. This produces energy and lactic acid. The lactic acid causes the Ph in the cell to drop and become acidic. When the Ph drops to around 6 it activates a survival program in the DNA from the distant past. Part of the survival program is rapid cell division and random mutations. Unless the body destroys the defective cell, cancer is produced. Cancer produces the random mutations. The mutations do not cause the cancer. We have been reversing cancer with food and supplements. This would not be possible if cancer was caused by mutations. Our protocol is on this page.

    In 1924 Otto Warburg received the Nobel Prize in medicine for discovering that cancer was a metabolic disease and produced energy by a fermentation process that did not require oxygen. Also, that oxygen was toxic to cancer.

    In the 1950’s and 1960’s Dr. Johanna Budwig in Germany was saving over 80% of her cancer patients with diet and essential oils. We have been using the Budwig Cancer Diet, vitamins and minerals, and supplements to repair cells and reverse cancer. This would not be possible if cancer was caused by mutations.

    Today a number of people are working on cancer as a metabolic disorder. Dr. Thomas Sayfried, a professor of biology at Boston College, has an excellent book out called Cancer as a Metabolic Disease.

    Cancer is a 220 billion dollar industry and as long as everyone is convinced that cancer is caused by mutations the treatment can only get more expensive. The protocol we developed costs roughly 200 dollars per month and the only side effect of an optimum diet is good health. There is no money to be made by the cancer industry using our protocol. Also, alzheimers is caused by a metabolic disorder and UCLA has a protocol that has ben able to reverse alzheimers in 80% of their patients with up to 50% cognitive deficit in less than 6 months. Keeping the bacteria in yout gut and your mitochondria happy are essential to good health.

    James Fritz: Director Port Townsend Think Tank

    Reversing Stage Four Cancer

    Cancer is not a disease, but a survival strategy for when the mitochondria quit producing energy. Read the work of UCLA Dr. Dale Bredesen. He has a book out: The End of Alzheimers. All of the protocol for alzheimers applies to cancer also. We used supplements to keep the Ph at 7.35, strengthen the immune system. and repair the damaged cells. It works. No one should die from cancer. The reason cancer is treated as a mutation is that is where the research money is. Medical schools teach that only patented drugs can prevent, treat or cure disease.

    We have successfully reversed stage 4 liver cancer in a 78 year-old retired nurse. She had 3 cancerous lesions on her liver and had night sweats so bad she had to change clothes 3 times each night. Now 3 years later she is symptom free and the cancer has been reduced to tiny spots. We used diet and non-prescription supplements to repair the cells and get the mitochondria producing energy properly.

    The protocol is discussed on the web site. Cancer is not a disease at all. It is actually a survival strategy. Cells have two methods of producing energy. The mitochondria can use oxygen and glucose to produce A.T.P. which is then stored by the cells and used as energy when it is needed. There is a second method of producing energy that the cells can use if the mitochondria quit producing energy. The protoplasm in cells can ferment glucose to produce lactic acid and energy. It is very inefficient, but it does work. The lactic acid causes the cells to become more acidic. The normal PH of cells is 7.35. The lactic acid can drop the PH as low as 5.7. This causes the RNA and DNA to malfunction and the result is rapid cell division and random mutations. The cancer causes the mutations, the mutations do not cause the cancer. The other possibility is that the cells, in the absence of oxygen and in a low acidic Ph environment, revert back to a more primitive life form from the distant past and rapid cell division and random mutations are part of the survival program. Cancer is a metabolic dysfunction caused by the mitochondria being unable to produce the energy the cells need to function. The mitochondria can be repaired and the cancer can be reversed.

    In 1924 the leading German medical doctor on cancer, Dr. Otto Warburg, received a Nobel Prize in medicine for proving that cancer was a metabolic disease and that cancer got its energy by the fermentation of glucose, which produced lactic acid and energy. In the 1950s and 1960s a German researcher, Dr. Johanna Budwig, was saving over 80% of her cancer patients by repairing mitochondrial dysfunction. She was nominated for the Nobel Prize in medicine on five occasions. The protocol we developed has been used six times that we know of and has reversed cancer in each case. In two additional cases the cancer patients were improving and the oncologist convinced the patient that his improvement was caused by a delayed action of the chemotherapy and they should undergo a new round of chemo and quit using the protocol. Both people died from the cancer and treatment.

    We started with the Budwig Cancer Diet which calls for at least 1 tablespoon and preferably 2 tablespoons of cold pressed flax seed oil in a quarter cup of low fat cottage cheese twice a day mixed in a blender. This forms a emulsion that the body can use to repair cell damage. We also added a heaping teaspoon of lecithin to the mixture before mixing. We used a variety of vitamins and minerals and 6 grams of fish oil taken at 2 or 3 intervals during the day. For supplements we used Vibe made by Eniva for cellular nutrition, Willard Water to keep the blood and lymph at a PH of 7.35, and Co Q10 which is the basic enzyme that allows the body to utilize glucose. Curcuman, ashwagandha and lion mains mushroom extract were used. Lion mains mushroom extract contains a nerve growth factor to repair damage done by chemotherapy and it stimulates the immune system. Jean H. also took an enzyme from papaya that dissolves proteins at bedtime to dissolve the protein membrane that forms around cancer cells so the body's immune system can recognize and attack the cancer cells. She also started the day with a smoothie made from high value organic fruits and vegetables in a high speed blender that breaks down cell walls. Starting a year ago Jean H. started eating 15 bitter almonds for their laetrile content. Laetrile is now called vitamin B 17. We wanted to speed up eliminating the cancer so we decided to get more aggressive and use the bitter almonds.

    The purpose of the protocol is to repair cellular damage so that the body can revert back to producing energy using the mitochondria. It can be used in conjunction with both conventional and alternative treatments. Cancer is a 220 billion dollar industry and there is no money to be had treating cancer with food and nutrition. There are no studies that show that chemo is effective for treating stage 4 cancer for most types of cancers. The cost of following the protocol we developed is roughly 200 dollars per month. There will never be a cure for cancer found using patented drugs because cancer is a survival strategy for the damaged cells and the underlying problems must be corrected.

    I am a journalist and scientist. I do not give medical advice. Find a healthcare professional that you can work with if you have a medical problem.

    James Fritz: Director Port Townsend Think Tank

    Reversing Cancer

    There is no reason anyone should die from cancer. Cancer is not even a disease. Cancer is a survival strategy that the cell has for when the mitochondria quit producing energy. In a healthy cell 90% of the energy is produced by the mitochondria and 10% by the rest of the cell. When the mitochondria quits producing energy the protoplasm starts producing energy by fermentation. This is a anaerobic process that doesn’t require oxygen and produces energy and lactic acid. The lactic acid causes the cell to have a low Ph, probably in the range of 5.7 to 6.0. In a low oxygen acidic environment a survival program in the cells DNA is actuated. Rapid cell division and random mutation is a obvious part of the survival strategy. Chemo and radiation only stress the cancer and cause it to increase it’s mutations in an attempt to survive. The low oxygen level and acid environment cause the cell to revert back to when cells existed as a colony and not as part of a complex animal. Cancer is a natural process and can be reversed. We developed a 4 pronged attack on cancer:

      1. Keep the Ph at 7.35 where it should be. Cancer thrives in a low oxygen acidic environment so the Ph must be returned to slightly alkaline.

      2. Give the body the essential oils and building blocks it needs to repair damaged cell and for future cell division.

      3. Life style changes such as eliminate simple carbohydrates and sugars, manage stress, eliminate toxic substances, and follow a optimum anti cancer diet.

      4. Use anti cancer treatments that target cancer cells and don’t stress normal cells. This also includes improving the persons immune system and using protein dissolving enzymes to dissolve the protein membrane around cancer cells. Protein dissolving enzymes should be taken at night just before the person goes to sleep and between meals and at least 45 minutes before the next meal.

    Cancer is a 220 billion dollar industry based on the false theory that cancer is caused by genetic mutations. The goal of the cancer industry is to produce expensive treatments that they can make money off of. The latest treatment is immuno therapy which programs the immune system to kill cancer cells. Alternative cancer treatment has been using a version of immuno therapy for decades. The cancer patient takes large dose of enzymes each day at bedtime that dissolve the protein membrane around cancer cells so the immune system can recognize the cancer and kill it. Also supplements are taken to improve the immune system. There are clinics in Germany and Mexico that have a 85% success rate treating stage 4 cancer using both conventional and alternative treatments. The latest person to use our protocol is a 78 year old retired woman with 3 lesions on her liver and night sweats so bad she had to get up 3 times each night and change clothes. She was given one year or less to live. Today after 3 years, she is symptom free and looks and feels fine. A little cancer is left but the cancer is slowly going away. So far we have had 100% success reversing cancer with a small number of people with cancer using our protocol to repair mitochondrial dysfunction.

    We are not against conventional treatment as long as the treatment does not damage the persons immune system or stress healthy cells. Mutations do not cause cancer. Cancer causes mutations and rapid cell division and mutations are part of cancers primitive survival program. Our protocol to repair mitochondrial functions requires diet and lifestyle changes and about 200 dollars per month is health supplements.

    There is some excellent research going on concerning cancer as a metabolic disorder. Google cancer as a metabolic disease and the metabolic origins of cancer. Dr. Thomas N Seyfried PHD, a biology professor at Boston College has a excellent book out, “ Cancer as a Metabolic Disease.” Also Dominic D’Agostino PHD has done excellent work on cancer biology and using the ketogenic diet for cancer patients. I personally believe that nobody should die from cancer but that research is crippled by the need for drug companies to show a profit and the American Medical Associations belief that cancer can only be prevented, treated or cured by prescription drugs.

    Restoring cellular functions, especially in the outer cell membrane and mitochondria is the new frontier in medicine. UCLA in California has developed a protocol that enables them to return 80% of their patients with less than 50% cognitive deficit back to the normal range in 6 months or less. Dr. Dale Bredesen who heads the research effort has a book out, The End of Alzheimers. They restore the cellular functions by balancing 36 different factors. Their research concluded that alzheimers is caused by 3 things: inflammation, less than optimum diet, and toxic substances in the environment. We have concluded that cancer is caused by the same 3 factors.

    Cancer is simply a survival strategy for the cell when the mitochondria quit producing energy and the process can be reversed. The outer cell membrane keeps out bacteria, virus, and pathogens. It lets in oxygen and nutrients and allows metabolic waste to leave. The process is very complex and delicate. To use chemo and radiation on delicate cells is crude and damaging. There are enough treatment options now using both conventional and alternative treatments that few if any people should die from cancer. I am a research scientist and journalist. I would be pleased to share our research information with researchers. If you have a medical problem find a health care professional you can work with. Do not procrastinate. People that survive serious healthcare problems take responsibility for their own health.

    James Fritz: Director Port Townsend Think Tank || E Mail:

    Fritz Revised Budwig Cancer Diet

    You have permission to use this information in all or in part. You may publish it, put it on Facebook or anything you like. I am in contact with several Budwig Centers. If you E-Mail me I will pass along the contact information. They also use hyperthermia to elevate the body temperature and kill the cancer.

    UCLA has developed a protocol for reversing alzheimers after 28 years of research. They are able to return 80% of their patients with up to a 50% cognitive deficit back to a normal testing range in 6 months. They do it by repairing the mitochondria in cells. Repairing mitochondria and the outer cell membrane is the new frontier in medicine. At UCLA the have found there are 36 factors that need to be considered in a patient to reverse alzheimers. They use no prescription medication. Their protocol is very similar to our protocol. All of the research is transferable to cancer research as both cancer and alzheimers are caused by inflammation, less than optimum diet , and toxic substances in the environment. Both require repairing the mitochondria and outer cell membrane. Google “UCLA alzheimers protocol” or buy the book , “ The End of Alzheimers,” by Dr. Dale Bredesen who managed the research . It is an excellent book.

    Cancer is not a disease, it’s a survival strategy. If the mitochondria quit producing energy, then energy is produced in the protoplasm by a fermentation process. Unfortunately part of the survival strategy is rapid cell division and random mutation. The mitochondria has the kill switch to self-destruct for the good of the organism. If the mitochondria is disabled, then there is no self-destruct mechanism. Chemo, radiation, and surgery stress the cancer and stimulate it to faster mutations.

    Ten years ago my brother in law came down with a slow developing lymphoma, so we had time for alternative treatment. We took the Budwig protocol and added lecithin to the cottage cheese flax seed oil mixture and vitamins, minerals and some very good health supplements and in a year a hollow needle biopsy showed he was cancer free. A number of people have successfully used our revised Budwig Protocol in the last 10 years. We have refined and modified the protocol as new information became available. About three years ago a 78 year old retired nurse and her husband stopped by for coffee. I knew something was wrong because they looked 20 years older. The nurse explained that she had 3 cancerous lesions on her liver and night sweats so bad she had to get up 3 times each night to change clothes. She had had two previous bouts with breast cancer. The most recent was 6 years previous and this cancer was the same genetically as the breast cancer. She was too old and the cancer was too far advanced for conventional treatment. She was given a year to live. They were desperate and asked if I had any suggestions. I told them about the protocol and they decided to try it. In 3 months she went to her oncologist in Seattle, and a scan showed that the cancerous lesions had decreased by 50%. The retired nurse didn’t tell the oncologist what she was doing and the only prescription medication she was taking was to suppress the estrogen. Her oncologist couldn’t explain what was going on. Now 3 years later the nurse looks 20 years younger and is symptom free. She has good color and energy. The cancer is almost gone. She has started taking 15 apricot kernels a day for the laetrile. We want to finish killing the cancer. It has shown no indication or spreading. The protocol also has anti-aging properties. I decided to put the protocol on my web site for anyone to use. As far as I am concerned cancer treatment in the US is a 220 billion dollar scam.

    Johanna Budwig PhD was reported to have had at least an 80% success rate treating cancer patients in Germany in the 1950’s and 1960’s. We decided that we could improve on her work by adding vitamins, minerals, and supplements.

    1. We used Johanna Budwig’s flax seed-cottage cheese protocol except we added a rounded tablespoon of lecithin to the mixture. We started out with one tablespoon of flaxseed oil in 3 or 4 heaping tablespoons of low fat 2% cottage cheese or the equivalent and a rounded tablespoon of granular sunflower lecithin. Mix the mixture in an electric or mechanical mixer to a creamy texture. Do this twice a day. We eventually recommend increasing this to 2 tablespoons of cold pressed refrigerated flax oil seed twice a day. The low fat cottage cheese furnishes a high value sulphur based protein. The Lecithin is a good emulsifying agent and provides phosphatides. Phosphatides are necessary for normal cell division and albumin from which blood is formed. When mixed properly the cottage cheese, lecithin and flax seed oil form a water soluble emulsion that the body can use to repair cell membranes and for cell replication. The cell membrane has a negative charge and the mitochondria has a positive charge. Glucose and oxygen are combined in the mitochondria to form ATP which is stored and used in the cell as energy. The membrane needs a polyunsaturated fat with a rich cloud of electrons. If all the cell gets is stabilized cooking oils, the battery quits working. If the mitochondria quits working, then the cell switches over to produce energy in the protoplasm by fermentation and you have the possibility of cancer. Also a defective outer cell membrane can allow bacteria and other parasites to enter the cell. Use only cold pressed refrigerated flax seed oil. All of the essential oils are easily damaged by heat and oxidation.

    2. I discussed fish oil with a Budwig center and they believe people are better taking two capsules of krill oil each day instead of fish oil, one capsule in the morning and one in the evening. Also eat fatty fish like wild caught salmon once or twice a week. This supplies the DHA and EPA fatty acids that the body needs for cell replication and outer cell membranes that function properly. Technically the body can manufacture the DHA and EPA from the linolenic and linoleic fatty acids in flaxseed oil, but as you get older this doesn’t happen. I recently read a study that determined that the best indicator of future heart problems was the omega 3 level in your cells. There was almost no correlation with your cholesterol level.

    3. Buy some Willard Water dark concentrate, It can be purchased from the Nutrition Coalition, [1-800-447-4793]. Put 3 tablespoons in a gallon of water that does not have any chlorine in it. Drink two or three glasses of the mixture each day. Some people put it in their smoothy. Microbes in soil produce organic compounds that are necessary to properly utilize nutrients. Google David Gubb PhD., he is the authority on micro-nutrition from soil bacteria. The humic and fulvic organic acids the microbes produce: Decrease the surface tension of water, stimulate the bacteria in your digestive system, allow vitamins and minerals to better pass through cell membranes. The most important function of Willard Water is that it keeps the PH in the cells at 7.35 which is important. Cancer produces lactic acid and energy by a anaerobic fermentation process. The lactic acid causes the PH to become more acidic, which favors the cancer. Unfortunately the chemicals that commercial agriculture uses kills the bacteria in the soil.

    4. In the morning make a smoothy in a high speed blender, this breaks down cell walls freeing the enzymes. Drink it within 2 hours as the enzymes will deteriorate in the mixture rapidly. Use high value organic fruits and vegetables like blueberries, celery, spinach, kale, etc. You need a tablespoon of oil or half an avocado or something to furnish fat. Fat soluble vitamins will be better absorbed with a little oil in the smoothy.

    5. Vibe made by Eniva (866-999-9191) provides nutrition on a cellular level. Vibe comes in a 32-ounce bottle. Get the original vibe. It contains about every vitamin, mineral, and extract you need. Eniva recommends taking one ounce per day for maintenance and up to 3 ounces per day for health problems. One ounce is two tablespoons of Vibe. Drink it in a glass of water or juice. You can also put it in your smoothy. Start with a half ounce per day and work up to two ounces per day. Take one ounce of Vibe in the morning and one in the evening. Vibe does have iodine in it. If you are allergic to iodine you will have to substitute something else. I ran across across a cancer protocol that used 4 ounces of Vibe a day, but the company doesn’t recommend more than 3 ounces per day. I talked to the Sales Manager about 6 years ago and he said that Eniva had written testimonials from 5000 people that claimed Vibe had cured their cancer. He said that Eniva could never use that information without being stomped on by the FDA. They keep the molecular size very small so the product goes into your system on a cellular level. It’s expensive, it costs about 50 dollars per bottle and you need 2 per month.

    6. Cancer cells surround themselves with a protein membrane, which hides them from the immune system, and then blood vessels form to feed the cancer. By taking enzymes that dissolve proteins at night and between meals, the enzymes will destroy the protein membrane that hides the cancer from the immune system. The nurse takes 3 enzyme capsules at night. She uses Papain, which is an enzyme from papaya she buys from Swanson (1 800-437-4148). I believe the best enzyme is manufactured by Carotec (1-800-522-4237). You can buy 400 capsules for 75 dollars. I have heard there is a woman in Southern Idaho that has an 80% success rate with cancer that everyone else has given up on, and she gives patients 30 or 40 wobenzyme pancreatic capsules per day. I would not recommend anything that extreme.

    7. Take 200 to 400 mg of Co Q10 per day. Use a variety that is bioavailable. The Budwig center recommends ubiquinol which is a very bioavailable form of Co Q10 Co Q10 is the basic enzyme that allows the body to produce energy from glucose and has been found to have anti-cancer properties.

    8. Also take curcumin and ashwagandha. Both are strong anti-inflammatory supplements and ashwagandha blocks stress hormones. Everyone with cancer is under stress. They also block an enzyme cancer needs to reproduce. There is a lot of information on the internet of both curcumin and ashwagandha. Also take M.S.M Which is methylsophonalmethane. It is a readily available source of organic sulfur and furnishes methane ions the body needs in some of the chemical reactions. Take 2000 mg per day. Take one in the morning and one at night.

    The above is the main part of the protocol.

    9. We recommend 6000 units of vitamin D3, 2000 units of vitamin C, 10,000 units of Beta Carotene, B complex vitamins etc.

    10. The gamma variety of vitamin E. There are actually 8 different types of vitamin E and I like the Gamma with mixed tocopherols best. I like the Swanson E6SWU329 best (1-800-437-4148). I believe that 500 to 800 unites of natural vitamin E of the gamma variety would work fine.

    12. For minerals I recommend magnesium, zinc, and selenium and also sea salt.

    13. Also look at milk thistle as a possible supplement, especially if you have liver cancer. Check out D.I.M. It is a extract from the cabbage family and it suppresses the bad estrogen that reproductive cancer needs to divide. Another supplement to research is modified grapefruit pectin. This prevents cancer from spreading by combining with the cancer receptors so they can’t attach to tissue. Google my web site for more information. Life style changes and diet changes are important.

    Don’t eat sugar or simple carbohydrates. Cancer feeds on glucose. Don’t smoke or use artificial sweeteners or soft drinks. I strongly recommend the ketogenic diet. Fats are changed to ketones, which the body can burn in place of glucose, but cancer can only burn glucose. It takes time for a diet-based protocol to work. If I had only a month or two to live, I would Google Cancer Tutor. There are alternative cancer treatments for advanced cancer. Mexico, Germany, and Spain have clinics that have an 85% success rate with advanced stage 4 cancer. Don’t procrastinate. I can not legally give you any advice. Eat lots of nuts and seeds and fruits and berries. Walnuts, and almonds are high in essential oils. At Costco I buy a 64 ounce bag of dried cranberries for 8 dollars and I have found that by eating a small hand full a day I can keep the arthritis in my hand pain free.

    Probably the most important thing is take responsibility for your health and find a healthcare professional you can work with. Every person I knew that told me, “I really trust my Doctor,” died. There are no studies that I know of that show chemo and radiation will cure stage 4 metastasized cancer.

    I firmly believe that no one should die from cancer. Cancer can be reversed or at the worst changed to a chronic condition that can be maintained. I have a friend that has had an aggressive prostate cancer. He has had it for 30 years and he keeps it in check with non-prescription supplements and food. I am a journalist and a medical researcher but not a doctor so I can not give medical advise to individuals. If you have a lump or are passing blood or have a pain you can not explain, see a healthcare professional immediately. Do not procrastinate. You must become your own medical expert. This protocol is just good nutrition. As a rule anything that decreases inflammation has anti-cancer properties and anything that helps the mitochondria function better has anti-cancer properties. Cancer is caused by inflammation, less than optimum diet and toxic substances in the environment. Everyone modifies the protocol to suit their own situation so feel free to make changes. Listen to your body. Fighting cancer has to be your top priority. This paper is a research project and not to be taken personally. Get a healthcare professional you can work with.

    James Fritz - Director: Port Townsend Think Tank. Email:

    P.S. The healthcare system is based on ever increasing profits. Hundred of million of dollars are being spent every year on immuno therapies for cancer. Alternative medicine has been doing something similar for decades. Enzymes, taken between meals and at night before you go to bed, that dissolve proteins are used to remove the membrane around cancer and then the immune system can locate and attack the cancer. There are a number of ways to boost the immune system. The above Revised Budwig Protocol does not kill cancer, it repairs the cellular damage that makes cancer possible. I ran the protocol by a certified nutritionist, and he said it was just good nutrition. The protocol works well with both conventional and alternative therapies,except I am against Chemo or anything that damages healthy tissue.

    Drug companies are looking for a cancer treatment where a person can lead a normal life as long as they can afford the 10,000 dollars per month for the treatment. There are doctors that practice integrative medicine that take the best of conventional medicine and from alternative medicine. In Port Townsend Washington we have a naturopatic doctor that works with a local oncologist so you have the best of both worlds. Some of the older cancer treatments are better that newer treatments but they are not recommended because the patents have expired. There are hospitals in Germany, Mexico. and Spain that have a 85% success rate treating stage 4 cancer. Look at all options. There is a list of good reference books on cancer on my website. I can recommend a Budwig Center in the US or Europe if you E Mail me. I will help your group any way I can. Please forward this to friends. There is no reason anyone should die from cancer. Cancer is a natural process and can be reversed if you repair the cellular damage. Help me get the information out and donate money for our research effort. Thanks.

    I Need Your Help.

    The new generation of cancer treatments by drug companies is in most cases going to cost over 100,000 dollars per year. The Merck Company has a new immunotherapy treatment called Keytruda. The official web site says treatment will cost 150,000 dollars or more per year. I have a friend who was taking a drug for prostate cancer that was costing his insurance company 10,000 dollars per month. He died after taking it for 3 years. One out of 2 men will get cancer and one out of 3 women will get cancer. The treatment cost of cancer nationally will be prohibitive. We believe cancer is a metabolic disorder and can be reversed. We have been able to reverse 6 out of 6 cancer cases. Four of the cases were stage four. There is excellent research being done in universities on cancer as a metabolic disease and some excellent Budwig Cancer clinics in the US and Europe. I would like to start a company to put together the supplements and information that people need to repair the mitochondria and outer cell membrane. They would get a package once a month with everything they need. I would have to have a doctor work with me. I am tired of seeing people die agonizing deaths so the drug companies can maximize their profits. I need to raise 30,000 dollars through Go Fund Me. Most of the money would go for supplements people pay for and further research. Part of it would go to have a licensed doctor involved and some would go for supplements for people who could not afford the supplements. The monthly package would cost around 300 dollars and not the 10,000 dollars drug companies expect. For the last ten years I have been covering all the expenses out of my own limited income and to help more people I will need help. There would also have to be diet and life style changes with the people that have cancer. Any money you can spare and any suggestions would be appreciated. We need to do more than start a company, we need to start a movement. Please spread the word and pass this information to you email list and friends. Half the men that read this proposal and a third of the women will get cancer. That should be incentive enough to get involved. Visit my web site

    James Fritz Director Port Townsend Think Tank E Mail:

    I have a GOFUNDME page here: Reversing Cancer Naturally


    Reversing Alzheimer's Disease

    Recently, at the local Unitarian Church, a two-hour discussion was given by a local medical doctor, Sandra Smith Poling, on reversing Alzheimer's disease. Recent research done by UCLA has shown that even people with a 40 or 50% cognitive deficit can be returned to normal in six months and remain in the normal range of cognitive performance. The UCLA studies used diet and fish oil. It is their belief that Alzheimer's is a metabolic problem that can be reversed. Following are the links to the studies:

    Brain Health | Eat Fat, Get Thin

    Dr. Daniel Amen has appeared a number of times on Public Television and has written a number of books about diet and restoring brain function with respect to Alzheimer's disease and other mental problems. I highly recommend his books. Google him on the internet and buy a couple of his books; they are best sellers and not expensive.

    In the 2007 version of the journal Well Being, a woman by the name of Marilyn Knox wrote a article how she reversed her mothers Alzheimer's using food and vitamins. Her mother's speech was garbled and she'd lost control of her bodily functions. In three months her mother was back to normal. She fed her mother fruits, vegetables, and nuts that were run through a blender. By doing so, the cell walls are broken down, freeing all of the nutrients and enzymes. She also gave her mother supplements, including around four ounces of colloidal minerals in an aloe vera base, 25,000 units of beta carotene, and 1200 units of vitamin E. Also, she gave her mother up to 10,000 units of vitamin C taken gradually over the day. She used alpha vitamin E. Evidence indicates that gamma is better or a mixture of all 8 types of vitamin E. I would suggest two or three ounces of Vibe nutritional supplement taken with a glass of water twice a day with half taken each time. Several glasses of Willard Water should be taken over the course of the day as well. Put two tablespoons of Willard Water concentrate in a gallon of pure water. It lasts for a long time and doesn't need refrigeration. Take an ounce of Georges Aloe Vera extract twice a day. I would also take 6000 unites of vitamin D3, 50 mg. of zinc, and 400 mg of Co enzyme Q10. Marilyn Knox took her mother off all medications. The problem is that prescription medications treat symptoms and do not correct the underlying problem.

    I am a journalist and not a doctor so I can only report what I have read or heard. I cannot and do not give medical advice. Find a health care professional that you can work with. Dr. Daniel Amen is a good source of information as well as the UCLA study. The basic problem is that the outer cell membrane and the mitochondria need to be repaired. Each cell is a little battery. The outer cell has a negative charge and the mitochondria has a positive charge. Commercial cooking oils have been stabilized, so they can sit on the shelf for months. They are of no use to the body and are stored as fat. Cell membranes need a polyunsaturated fat with a rich cloud of electrons that readily combines with oxygen and proteins to form cell membranes and to facilitate cell division. Each person needs at least one ounce of essential oil each day. The doctor who gave the discussion on reversing Alzheimer's recommended nine grams of good quality fish oil per day for the essential oils EPA and DHA.

    James Fritz, Director, Port Townsend Think Tank
    copyright: © - October, 2015 - James Fritz

    I Need Your Help:
    I am constantly meeting people who have spent their life savings and sold their property trying to save the life of a family member with cancer. When the money was gone, they were told, “ There is nothing more we can do for you.” I live on a fixed income, but I still help people all I can. Any donations to my Pay Pal account would be appreciated and spent helping people. Thanks.


    To order Vibe, download Eniva's product page.


    "This is a statement concerning my support for the Fritz Cancer Protocol.

    "In 2006 I was on my second bout with Cancer, having had a mastectomy 12 years previously.

    "By chance my husband and I met and became friends with Fritz. We began taking Eniva Vibe and Willard Water in addition to our supplements.

    "All went well until the Spring of 2015 when the cancer again made it's appearance - I had several lesions on my liver. My oncologist ordered a medication to slow my estrogen, and of course I was in contact with Fritz. He advised me of further developments in his research which resulted in the "Fritz Cancer Protocol", so in addition to the prescription I added most of the things recommended in the protocol.

    "After 3 months there has been a significant improvement in the lesion. I am now continuing both with the prescription and Fritz' protocol, and I'm looking forward to complete remission."


    "My name in Ken West; I am 76 years old and and a Viet Nam Vet. In 2009 I had an Aortic valve replaced by the VA and they proceeded to give me staph infection. For the next 2 years I suffered and almost died as the VA was unable to control the staph. I had THREE open chest surgeries and numerous topical surgeries and was put on massive doses of antibiotics which did not work. I was finally allowed to take "VIBE". The VA, due to their regulations, would not allow me to take Vibe until they finally contacted the surgeon who had replaced the valve and he highly recommended it. In a short time the staph came under control and I was released from the hospital where I had spent almost a year. I started out weighing 185 pounds and late in my treatment I was losing 2 pounds a day due to the staph eating me alive and went down to 128 pounds. I owe my Life to Vibe, and not the massive antibiotics which were destroying my immune system, and I am not ashamed to say so. It certainly helped me and if you have a serious medical condition no matter what it is, I would absolutely read the Protocol and give it a try."


    Ken's Heart Improvement

    Ken developed a staph infection after open heart surgery. He was in and out of the VA Hospital in Seattle for 2 years fighting the infection. At one point he was down to 128 pounds and losing 2 pounds per day. He was being eaten alive by the infection. Out of desperation, I sent him a 32-ounce bottle of Vibe nutritional supplement made by Eniva. The doctor at the VA called the surgeon to see if he should let Ken have the Vibe. He said, “Oh for Gods sake, give it to him. I use it myself. It will probably help him more than anything.” Ken's medical condition improved and the staff infection went way. A year after Ken left the hospital, his heart ejection-fraction was only 15 to 20 percent. It's been a long slow battle but we now have his heart ejection fraction up to 30% to 35%. The nurse in the cardiac unit of Ken's hospital said that in the last 10 years Ken is the only person whose heart function had significantly improved; only one other person showed a slight improvement. The average life expectancy of a person with chronic heart failure is 5 years.

    Heart attacks are the leading cause of death in the US. Billions of dollars are spent each year on new drugs and research. We succeeded with 200-dollars-a-month supplements because our goal was to improve Ken's heart, while the drug company's was to find a drug they could patent and make money on. We will be writing a full report on what we used; this is research anyone can benefit from.

    Unfortunately Ken West died of a heart attack March, 2018. We got his heart ejection fraction up from 20 percent to 35% and he was doing reasonably well. We had planned to go to Thailand in the fall but we waited to long. I will write up a report on what supplements worked the best.

    One of the most important supplements you can take is Co Q10. It is the basic enzyme that allows the body to convert glucose to energy. As you get older your Co Q10 production decreases. If you take a statin, you must take a Co Q10 supplement because the statin decreases the Co Q10 production in your liver. A recent study showed that the best indicator or future heart problems was the amount of omega 3 oil in the cells. There was almost no correlation between the cholesterol level in the blood and the risk of heart disease.

    The US diet of processed foods is sadly lacking in the omega 3 essential oils that the body needs to build healthy cells. If they were left in cooking oils and processed foods they would go rancid. So commercial oils are stabilized so they won't go rancid, but that means they are of no use for the body to use in cell replication and various chemical processes. To function properly the body needs 50 minerals, 15 amino acids, 12 vitamins and 4 essential oils. Parents feed their children frosted flakes for breakfast and senior citizens eat TV dinners which have almost no food value. Live healthy. Eat organic fruits and vegetables and pay attention to getting enough essential oils. Nuts and seeds that are not roasted are a good source of essential oils. Cold pressed refrigerated Flax seed is 70% essential oils that every cell needs. Eat real food and organic vegetables.

    Roger Eichman, DDS, Creighton University, 1971 with honors
    Served on the Alaska Board of Dental Examiners
    Lectured nationally and internationally for IAOMT
    Practiced in Alaska from 1971 to 1997
    Taught in China for 6 weeks in 2002
    Video---Mercury Hygiene and Exposure c 1997
    Patent # 6,615,839 B2

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Financial Bubbles, Real Estate Bubbles, Derivative Bubbles and the Financial and Economic Crisis

Financial Bubbles, Real Estate Bubbles, Derivative Bubbles and the Financial and Economic Crisis
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YouTube -- Financial Derivatives -- What are they? -- Housing Bubble Collapse -- Unregulated Insurance
VIDEO | Michael Greenberger, University of Maryland Law School Professor

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Can markets be rational when humans aren't?

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August 2, 2007 --- From NAFTA to coal pollution in China, to the breakdown of wealth in America, to corporate tax-shielding shenanigans, to biofuels' effect on food prices, to political profiles, to...

Betraying Our Troops by Dina Rasor and Robert Bauman.

Want the skinnys on Blackwater? Halliburton? --- Amazon Online Reader

October 2, 2007 --- The growing problem with nuclear power plants --- Israel's attack on Syria --- Trade: Who has surplus and why? Middle East, Iraq, OIL: Bush's agenda

November 6, 2007 --- Begins with local commentary on wildfire protection: Jefferson County, Washington State. Then briefly on to Iraq, And then China -- Its burgeoning economic growth and coal factory construction, --- one new plant goes online every five days --- producing world-wide pollution problems; Its build-up militarily; and the trade imbalance between China and the United States --- Who's footing the bill?



Pollution From Chinese Coal Casts A Global Shadow
Invisible Export: Mercury Migration
Prevention and Control of Air Pollution in China
Pollution From China's Coal-Fired Plants Takes Only 5 To 10 Days To Reach Us
BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Living in China's Coal Heartland

December 10, 2007 --- The Global Gap widens between the HAVES and the HAVE-NOTS; A brief history of the American Economy for the past fifty years, and its restructuring since the Reagan era; Who gets hit the hardest? What is a mortgage, anyway?

Do you know where your mortgage is right now?

December 19, 2007 --- A genuine World Report: A World Summary and Update; juxtaposing facts and connecting dots for a broader, detailed picture.

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May 5, 2008 --- A World Report: Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia; International Family Planning -- Pakistan; China -- Zimbabwe; Health Concerns; Origins of HIV virus; the Economy; Biofuels effect on food prices

June 2, 2008 --- What's happening in the world that the general media never mentions, although the information is readily available. From conditions in the prisons of Saudi Arabia and the plight of women in all of the Arab world; to the effects of diversity loss among the grains and rices that feed 100's of millions -- diversity matters. And many other revelations.

October 21, 2008 --- Recent global economic meltdown -- commentary.

February 10, '09 --- The Economy -- Bank Bailouts -- Stimulus Package.

April 14, '09 -- A brief blurb on Tyson Foods and then: China -- NAFTA -- the Economy, comment on the Financial Services sector and general news you may not be familiar with.

April 21, '09 -- The economy, trade with China, other news not mentioned in the regular media.

October 27, '09 --- A true World Report -- the blackbox of sensible journalism. Yes you heard it here!

November 17, '09 --- Health Care, state of nuclear power plants, AIG bailout, Afghanistan: Local Hire

March 2, 2010 --- Earhtquakes, China, Economy, Trade...

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October 26, 2010 --- World News:

February 22, 2011 -- World News: Revolution in North Africa: Tunisia, Egypt, Lybia. The Economy: The end of the middle class; does it in fact even exist? Republican war on middle class poses threat to political and economic stability. Globalization has only helped the wealthy. State of the American economy. What has happened to traditional political identities?

May 24, 2011 -- World News: Wall Street Ponzi scheme; Sweat shops in China; Corporate amorality; Socialism for Corporations and the Rich; economic structural problem at base

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