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Understanding and Treating Cancer


The reason progress is so slow finding a cure for cancer is that cancer is not caused by mutations or genetic damage but cancer is a metabolic disorder. Approximately 89% of a cell's energy is produced by the mitochondria and 11% from fermenting glucose in the protoplasm. The protoplasm is the jelly-like material that most of the cell is composed of. If the mitochondria quits producing energy, then the protoplasm has to produce all of it. Fermenting glucose produces lactic acid and energy. The lactic acid causes the cell to become very acidic. In the low oxygen, highly acidic environment the cell reverts to a more primitive lifeform better able to thrive in a high acid, low oxygen environment. Part of the survival strategy is rapid cell division and random mutations. Chemo, radiation, and surgery stress the cancer and cause it to mutate even faster. Today the survival rate from stage 4 cancer using Chemo is less than 4%. Everyone I knew who told me, “I really trust my doctor,” died.

In 1910 John D. Rockefeller Jr. donated a large amount of money to each hospital in the US that trained medical doctors. There was a stipulation that hospitals could only teach that disease can only be prevented, treated, and cured with prescription drugs. This is still taught in hospitals today. The drug companies give training sessions and have salesmen who call on doctors and give out free samples. Medical doctors have almost no training in nutrition. Veterinarians have an excellent training in nutrition. If a farmer has 300 cows he expects 300 healthy calves. If you have a serious medical problem, consider going to a naturopath or a doctor that practices integrative medicine.

Hundreds of millions of years ago life existed in colonies of cells in a high acid and low oxygen environment. That program still exists in the cells DNA. When the mitochondria in a cell quits producing energy the cell switches to producing energy from the fermenting of glucose in the protoplasm and the Ph gets dangerously low, the cell switches to a program in the cells DNA better suited to thrive in a high acid and low oxygen environment. The new primitive lifeform is cancer. Fortunately, the process can be reversed. We have reversed prostate cancer, liver cancer, lymphoma, and breast cancer. The process is not too difficult or expensive but takes a lot of discipline. We keep the Ph at 7.35 where it should be, attack the protein membrane around cancer with enzymes and repair the outer cell membrane and mitochondria.

Read for details. Also read the references and books listed on my web site. Please forward to as many people as possible. Thanks.


    Robb Wolf. “The Origin of Cancer.” Read it on the internet.

    Clifton Leaf, “ Why we are Loosing the War on Cancer.”
    Clifton Leaf is a multi-billionaire who is also a cancer survivor and has donated large sums of money for cancer research. He is also editor in chief of Fortune magazine.

    Dr. Thomas N Seyfried, “Cancer as a Metabolic Disease.” Dr. Seyfried is professor of Biology at Boston College and developed the Ketogenic Diet.

    Dr. Otto Warburg MD. In 1924 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine for a paper he published in 1921 in Germany that said cancer thrived in a low oxygen and high acid environment and produced energy by fermenting glucose which produced lactic acid and energy.

    Dr. Johanna Budwig PhD. In the 1950s and 1960s she had a cancer clinic in Germany that had an 80% success rate treating cancer with a vegetarian diet, flax seed oil and fresh caught trout. She was nominated for the Nobel Prize in medicine 7 times.

Effective Treatment of Cancer

1. Willard Water. The bacteria in soil have a symbiotic relationship with plants and animals. They produce organic compounds that decrease surface tension in water. They allow nutrients to pass through cell walls more easily. Their most important function is to keep the Ph in cells at 7.35. This is important because cancer likes a low oxygen, acidic environment. Take three tablespoons of dark Willard Water Concentrate and add to a gallon of water that does not contain chlorine. Drink three glasses per day and use it in your morning green smoothie. The authority on the organic compounds produced by bacteria in soil is Dr. David Jubb PhD. Willard Water is sold by the Nutrition Coalition at 1-800-447-4793.

2. Each morning make a green smoothie using a high speed blender. Use organic fruits and vegetables like blueberries, kale, spinach, and carrots, etc. The high speed blender breaks down the cell walls and frees the vitamins and enzymes. Drink it within a couple of hours because the enzymes will start to break down the mixture. Use Willard Water. Add some protein concentrate and a little olive oil or better yet cold pressed flax seed oil. The oil is necessary to help the body utilize the oil soluble vitamins. A half of an avocado works well for the oil also.

3. Vibe is made by Eniva, it comes in a 32-ounce bottle. The company recommends one ounce per day for maintenance and up to three ounces per day for therapeutic purposes. I saw one cancer protocol that used four ounces but the company does not recommend over three ounces per day. Two tablespoons equal one ounce. I recommend the original Vibe. Vibe furnishes nutrition on the cellular level. They keep the molecular size very small so they get 96% utilization. I talked to the sales manager six years ago and he said they had 5000 written testimonials of people that had cured cancer with Vibe, but Eniva could not advertise that Vibe has cured cancer or the FDA would come down on them. We recommend two tablespoons twice a day. Start with one tablespoon and work up to two twice a day. People who are allergic to iodine or have thyroid cancer should not take Vibe. Cancer takes over the chemistry of the body so it’s best to transition and not take everything the first day. Nobody that we are aware of has ever had a problem with Willard Water.

4. We recommend taking the Budwig diet consisting of taking two tablespoons of cold pressed flax seed oil in low fat cottage cheese mixed well with an electric mixer twice a day. We also add a rounded teaspoon of lecithin with each tablespoon of flax seed oil. The flax seed oil, cottage cheese, and lecithin mixture forms a water soluble emulsion that the body can use to repair cells. Start out with one tablespoon of cold pressed flax seed oil and work your way up to two tablespoons twice a day mixed with cottage cheese and lecithin. Protein powder or yogurt can be substituted for the cottage cheese. We also recommend taking two krill capsules each day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Also take two grams of fish oil twice a day. Eat wild caught salmon once or twice a week; stay away from red meat because it tends to make your system acidic. Every cell in your body is composed of an omega-3 fatty acid combined with a protein. I read recently that the chemical reactions that take place in the mitochondria take place on the surface of the membranes in the mitochondria and the surface has to be saturated with DHA which is an essential oil found in fish.

5. Cancer cells surround themselves with a protein membrane that hides the cancer cells from the immune system. We use enzymes in the blood to remove the membrane so the immune system can locate and attack the cancer. The enzymes that dissolve the protein should be taken between meals and at bedtime. If they are taken at mealtime, they react with the food. We use papain from the papaya fruit. Carotec makes a very good enzyme capsule also.

6. There are a number of ways to strengthen your immune system. First understand that 80% of your immune system is from your intestines and 20 percent from your liver so you have to keep them in good working order. Antibiotics and Chemo therapy harm the bacteria in your gut, so a good probiotic is suggested. Get one that is not effected by the acid in your stomach. There are a number of supplements that improve your immune system. The owner of Fungi Perfecti, Paul Stamets, cured his mother of breast cancer with Turkey Tail mushroom extract that improves the immune system. He is a recognized expert on mushrooms. All products are organic and grown in the US. The Swanson catalog has a number of mushroom products to improve immune function and other medical properties. Vitamins and minerals are necessary for a good immune system. I take 6000 units of vitamin D3 and 2000 unites of vitamin C twice a day. Large doses of Vitamin A are toxic so you are better off taking beta carotene instead. Your body will convert what it needs for vitamin A and no more; the rest of the vitamins are flushed from your body if you take too much. Only the Gamma form of vitamin E has anti-cancer properties. I like the Swanson Gamma Tocopherol best [ DSWU329]. Magnesium, Zinc, and Selenium are necessary. Some varieties of the minerals are better utilized than others. The Swanson catalog discusses this [ 1-800.437-4148]. There is one prescription drug that is worth discussing and that is Low Dose Naltrexone. Ten million people in Europe use LDN for cancer and auto-immune diseases. It increases the immune system by 300 percent and has almost no side effects. I know of one cancer patient that is using it and she speaks highly of it. I also know of a woman with MS that has used LDN for 10 years and has had no chronic flare-ups during that time. Go to the Low Dose Naltrexone Home Page; LDN must be taken late at night. IF YOU ARE TAKING AN OPIATE PAIN KILLER, DO NOT TAKE LDN, because if you do, you will throw up. LDN was originally used to treat heroin addicts. Eniva [866-999-9191] has a 16 ounce liquid they sell to improve the immune system. All Eniva products are top notch.

7. Alzheimers, cancer and many other health problems are caused by: inflammation, less than optimum diet, and toxic chemicals and heavy metals in the food and environment. Ashwagandha and curcumin are good anti-inflammatory drugs and they also block an enzyme that cancer needs to reproduce. Take them as directed. Also CoQ10 and PQQ are important. CoQ10 is the enzyme that allows the mitochondria to metabolize glucose. In general, anything that decreases inflammation or improves the functioning of the mitochondria has anti-cancer properties. I would take a large dose of CoQ10. Some brands of CoQ10 are more bio available than other brands. Dr. Mercola, a leading proponent of mitochondria health, recommends 300 mg of Ubiquinol per day. Ubiquinol is a bio available form of CoQ10. Three hundred mg of Ubiquinol is equivalent to 600 mg of CoQ10. Statins depress CoQ10 prodsuction in the liver so you may want to take more if you take a statin.

8. Lack of sleep, stress, and depression all work against you in a fight against a chronic disease. There is a mind body connection. Meditation and prayer does help. I know of one person that cured terminal prostate cancer with prayer. Leave 12 hours between the evening meal and your breakfast without eating. This is the time your body repairs itself. The body requires 60 minerals, 15 amino acids, 12 vitamins, and 4 essential oils to be healthy. The highly processed foods of the Western diet are sadly lacking in nutrition. Prescription drugs can not repair damage done by less than optimum nutrition with respect to cancer, alzheimers or other chronic disease. Eat lightly steamed organic vegetables. Eliminate simple sugars and carbohydrates, soda pop, red meat, processed meat and highly processed food. Read the book Fear Cancer No More for more details. You must make a total commitment to beat cancer.

Unroasted nuts, seeds, and dried fruit are full of nutrients and essential oils the body needs. Heat and oxidation damage the essential oils so they don’t function properly when used by the body. There are good oils and bad oils. Good oils include coconut oil, organic butter, cold pressed refrigerated flax seed oil, and avocado oil. The problem with the cooking oils you buy in the supermarket is that they have been stabilized at a high temperature so they won't go rancid. The body can not use them to build cell membranes or cell division. Highly processed food is sadly lacking in many nutrients, especially essential oils.

9. You must take responsibility for your health. Everyone who told me, “ I really trust my doctor,” died from cancer. Read my references and make your own decisions. Get on the internet and look for information. If your doctor prescribes a drug, Google side effects and lawsuits to see what the downside is. I am not against conventional medicine, just treatments like chemo that damage healthy tissue and the immune system. Remember, surgery and targeted radiation are sometimes required but they will cause the cancer to send out stem cells to start new colonies. And you should consider Modified Grapefruit Pectin which prevents the spread of cancer by clogging receptors. There are treatments for even very advanced cancers such as the cerium chloride protocol, but you need someone to work with you. I suggest you contact or email There are a couple of Budwig centers in the US and they use the latest alternative treatments.

10. We have developed an immune therapy that costs less than 100 dollars per month and the entire Revised Budwig protocol for less than 300 dollars per month. We use enzymes to dissolve the protein membrane around cancer so the immune system can find the cancer and use supplements to improve the immune system. In an interview on the internet Dr. Thomas Seyfried said he had no trouble getting grants until he actually started curing cancer and then the grants dried up. Fifty years ago Dr. Budwig had an 80% success rate with a vegetarian diet and flax seed oil and fresh caught trout. Unfortunately, there is no money in curing cancer with cold pressed flax seed oil and fish oil. Cancer is a 220 billion dollar business. Researchers get grants and drug companies get rich selling patented medicines. Meanwhile 1600 people each day die from cancer. Pass this email on to all of your friends and have them pass it on to their friends. Read my web site and references at

This article is the summery of 12 years of research. It is not intended to advise or treat anyone. I am a journalist and a researcher. If you have a medical problem see a health care professional immediately.

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